About Us

About Us

We have been providing great places to live for our residents for over 20 years! What sets us apart is our dedication to great service and creating a community you will love living in. 

Our team of professional, friendly managers help make living in a Patriot Mobile Home Park pleasant and welcoming. Where possible, we put on fun neighborhood events where you can get to know your fellow residents and enjoy some good food.  

We are dedicated to providing safe, affordable housing.

Patriot succeeds by investing in making our communities great places to live.

Our strategy has been carefully crafted through decades of experience in acquiring, improving, and operating Mobile Home Park communities. We own the process end-to-end from identifying promising properties to managing the properties to selling the assets. By keeping the entire process in-house, we can move quickly and seamlessly to maximize the return of a deal. 

Our success comes from our ability to add massive value to every one of our projects.

We Offer A Great LifeStyle!

Patriot offers landscaped clean, fun residential communities in great neighborhoods.
Enjoy your new home. Live your best life!

We take care of our communities to make them great places to live.

Love Walking?

Enjoy a great meal with your family, friends or new neighbors!

BBQs & Neighborhood Events

Enjoy community events or spontaneous get togethes.

Stay Active

Our communities offer an excellent place for families to raise their children.

Kid Friendly

Sell Us Your Mobile Home Park

Patriot Holdings LLC is the buyer of choice for Mobile Home Park communities. Our team of 50+ dedicated professionals manages 100+ commercial assets. We great access to financing through our deep relationships with banks and our network of hundreds of private investors. We get the deal done.

Contact us today to get an offer for your Mobile Home Park.

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